How Slo-o-o-o-ow Can You Go?

September 27, 2001

No, I'm not complaining about traffic.

I'm complaining about my hopelessly normal physiology. As I've said a few times, I'm trying to lose weight. So I've been drinking the Slim-Fast drinks (the chocolate ones overpower the chalky aftertaste) and watching my diet, for the most part. Every once in a while I splurge a bit and have a cheesburger or some other Guaranteed Artery Clogger, but I'm doing really well. I thought.

My metabolism's adjusting itself to the lower caloric intake. Basically, I get tired earlier than I used to. More an annoyance than anything, but it means I'm actually going to have to break down and find some sort of exercise to do. And I hate exercising, especially now that it's getting into winter around here. (Seasons in Pittsburgh don't flow smoothly into each other -- last week it was oppressively hot; this morning it was in the mid forties when I went to work.)

So what now? Your guess is as good as mine.

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