More New Stuff on the Way

October 20, 2001

In addition to my reformulated-for-style-sheets Web site, I'm also making a PHP project for work. One of the sillier things we do is to log in to the statistics server (which the clients have access to, and have received training on) and compile the information. Then we punch it into Excel to make a couple pretty charts. Then we cut and paste those charts into a Word file, resize them as necessary, and e-mail them to the clients.

Takes about 12 hours altogether for me, and they're due the fifth working day of the month. Now I'll be the first to admit that I have long periods when I'm not doing much. (In fact, now's one of those times) but it's a giant pain in my ass to have to do this much thinking for people.

So during my current bout of downtime I'm writing a series of PHP scripts to automate this a little bit and maybe save me some time and annoyance down the road. And when I do I'll post a login/password for people to view a genericized version.

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