Still Going... Nothing Outlasts My Job Search. Nothing.

November 3, 2001

One of the recruiters called me this afternoon. A company I'd looked at a while ago (they wound up hiring their temp) is looking for people again. She's trying to get me an interview on Monday.

I looked at their site last time, and I like the work they do -- they're even more into accessibility than I am, and it's one of my pet peeves that JBDC does a shitty job of attempting accessibility.

So here's to hoping I can start bitching about a new job soon ;)

Damnit. They wound up hiring someone else. There's a delay of about a week between me writing this and it getting posted, just in case you're wondering how long it took me to interview and get a third-party GFY. Back to the drawing board.

Anybody in the Pittsburgh area want to hire a Web developer who knows JavaScript, ASP, PHP and some database? I'll work for peanuts; it'd be a raise as far as I'm concerned.

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