Son of a Bitch ...

November 6, 2001

Since I didn't get the job I interviewed for (see Saturday's Brain Fart) I decided to take a look at the Pittsburgh Tech. Council's Web site and see what they have on the table. What do I see? Posted on Friday November 11th by the recruiter I was working with, is the job I interviewed for.

This means one of two things: A clerical error (which is possible, I suppose) or something a little more bothersome. That they didn't hire somebody else -- they hired nobody. That they interviewed me and decided it would be better to go on being understaffed. I have this nagging feeling that door number two is the right one.

Well, shit. It's one thing to get beaten out by the competition -- these things happen -- especially considering how tight the job market is nowadays. But this is just depressing. Now it's really starting to look like I'm stuck in my current job. And two people who also see through the bullshit just got canned.

This coming week is going to suck.

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