More on Sunday's Farce

December 18, 2001

I've been reading some of the articles on the Internet regarding the mess that was the Browns-Jaguars game, and saw the report they did on ABC World News Tonight. Everybody is focusing on the behavior of the Browns fans, which I guess is understandable for ABC -- they have to have something the non-fans will understand. Only and bothered to mention the convtroversial nature of the events leading up to the bottle-toss;'s recap only gave it a two-sentence paragraph.

Only Joe Theismann's article on took into account that the Browns were royally boned by what happened -- he flat-out said it was a bad call. And of course, you know my opinion on the matter.

Well, what am I driving at? Basically that while the fans were a large collection of dumbasses, the sports media (and some of the mainstream media) are overlooking the root cause, and that's having the effect of making the Dawg Pound look like the Mongol Hordes. I don't expect anyone to say that what happened was OK; I just want someone to admit that there was something very rotten in the state of Denmark regarding what caused this whole mess.

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