Optical Mouse. Less than Impressive.

January 7, 2003

Before she left for England, Htet Htet bought herself a "portable" mouse, meaning the cord retracts into the body. Pretty cool, actually. So, since my mouse is an utter piece of crap, I borrowed her old optical mouse that she left here.

On the one hand, it's nice because there's no place for crud to get caught and jam up the mouse -- regular readers should be able to fill in their own "dirty mouse balls" joke here. On the other hand, the mouse's sensor doesn't like my fake-wood desk very much. Sometimes the pointer won't move at all, and sometimes it'll jump randomly. Very annoying when I'm trying to use Photoshop.

My guess is that the fake wood grain isn't high-contrast enough for the mouse to know it's moving. When I get one of my own (being the cheap bastard I am, I'm waiting for a CompUSA rebate certificate to show up from something I bought earlier) I'll probably need to get a better mousepad than what I've got now.

Or maybe I'll just buy a non-cheapo ball-mouse and hope it doesn't degrade as quickly as my current one did.

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