Sensationalist Advertising

January 9, 2003

Columnist Arianna Huffington created an advocacy group that's getting reday to release some new commercials. They follow the same tack as the government's "if you buy drugs you support terrorism" PSAs, but these tie driving SUVs to supporting terrorists.

There's one difference, though: Where the terrorist link to the drug caretls was, in my never-humble opinion, a little specious, this one's right-on. Buy a gas-guzzler, you necessarily buy more gas. Who owns the oil fields that the gas is ultimately derived from? Our "loyal allies" the Saudi Arabians. Y'know, where about ¾ of the hijackers came from.

Now, these ads won't change anybody's mind. In fact, a large number of TV stations may not even air them. But it's worth pointing out, she's right. Of course, these bozos also drive them because they're "safe". (Except they're not.)

Personally, I hope we go to war with Iraq. I hope it drags out for months and months. I hope the other Arab countries cut back our oil supply. I hope the strike in Venezuela keeps going. Then gas'll cost about three bucks a gallon. And I'll be tooling around in my Civic, which I have to fill with eight gallons of gas every other week, and laugh at all these soccer moms and dick compensators scrounging for nickels to get to the 7-11 and back. Yeah.

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