Grandpa Sullivan Would Be So Proud...

January 15, 2003

It seems that Pabst Blue Ribbon beer is becoming popular with people in their twenties, taking drinkers away from microbrews. I wouldn't believe it, though, if it wasn't for how well Pittsburgh Brewing's Old German beer sells at Denny's Bar.

Anyway, about the title... my grandfather on my mother's side (full-blooded Irish) drank the stuff all the time. Every once in a while he'd give me or my sister a sip of it. (Keep in mind that he died when I was 10; Shannon was 8. I don't think Mom was terribly pleased with all the sample sips her kids were getting.)

Random childhood memory: About a mile from where he and Grandma lived in Cuyahoga Falls there was a drive-through convenience store where he picked up his six-packs of PBR. Not only did the guys working there recognize him, but Shannon and I went with him often enough (on Sundays, no less!) that they recognized us, too. When we went along, they'd send in a couple pieces of candy along with Grandpa's beer.

Almost makes me want to see if I can convince Gene to carry a few bottles of the stuff at the Den.

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