Prob'ly a Good Thing I Don't Have a Girlfriend...

January 17, 2003

While my tooth was bothering me and I was slowly ODing on Advil, I had trouble sleeping. Even with the analgesics in my system, if I laid down the wrong way the SOB would THROB like a mofo. Enough to make any thoughts of sleeping seem ridiculous.

So... I was having a pretty bizarre dream, in which my mother and stepfather bought a new weiner-dog. I can't remember many details because I'm writing well after the fact, but the new dog started growling and barking, showing its teeth, etc., and was actually breaking a hole in the door to get at us.

So I got in its face and SCREAMED at the top of my lungs.

The dog faded away, leaving the wall of my bedroom. And the scream was still echoing a little bit off the walls. And it felt like someone was stabbing me in the side of the face with an ice pick.

Normally I wish for the other side of the bed to be occupied. That night it's probably a pretty good thing that it wasn't.

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