No, I'm Not Feeling a Draft... Why?

January 21, 2003

After seeing my gas bill in December, I decided that I needed to weather-proof the apartment a little bit. So I went to the Home Despot and picked up those plastic sheets you put up inside the window to keep drafts out. The side window (near the computer) went up fine.

The front window, where I could actually feel the draft coming in, was a bit more problematic -- the wind was pushing so hard on the plastic that I had trouble just getting the damn thing taped to the frame. Even with the ultra-heavy mini-blind hanging from the thing the "sail" I installed still billows out several inches.

I know it's hard to tell, but the blind should be resting on the window frame (it's just a little too wide to fit inside the frame). That's all pressure from the cold air trying to get in. This is why I got el shafto grande on the gas bill in December.

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