Dammit, Dammit, Dammit

January 30, 2003

Went to an LJ Meetup Tuesday night, and this time people showed up. While at the 61C Café I saw a girl who's one of Htet Htet's classmates, and who she suggested I go out with.

Well, my regular readers know exactly what happened: I didn't do a goddamn thing. Oh, I justified the hell out of my wussiness too. Well, she's doing homework, and she's got a friend working with her. And I shouldn't bail on these guys here, even though one of them is pretty pretentious.

Wow. Shocker there, huh? I wonder if I could convince Htet Htet to help me out a little. It's not like she has anything more important to worry about :/

Anyway, we eventually left 61C to go to Dave & Busters, the least-fun place on Earth. Oh, I suppose if you like Dance Dance Whatever-the-Fuck and 85 different types of racing games you'd have a ball. But all I had to content myself with were a couple of broken pinball machines and a shooter or two. Yay. That, and everyone was crowded around the dancing game like it was the Second Coming.

Enh. Everyone pretty much seemed OK while we were just shooting the breeze, which is what I'd have preferred anyway. Maybe next time someone will think of a place that has enough seats for everyone that isn't an overhyped Chuck E. Cheese.

Update: Mentioned to Htet Htet that I'd seen her classmate at 61C. She told me that she'd actually mentioned something to the girl last semester, but was told that she wasn't interested in going out with anyone. Didn't pass this nugget along to me because it "wasn't important."

So if I'd worked up the stones to go talk to this girl I would've gotten gunned down. As it is, my cowardice actually served me well this time out.

Why doesn't that make me feel any better?

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