Well, Whaddaya Know

March 4, 2003

For some reason I've started cooking more frequently. Don't get excited; my idea of "cooking" here is broiling a porkchop or two, making some instant potatoes, and boiling a bag of frozen corn. But still, it's more involved than the usual "remove plastic tray from box, throw in nuker" method of food preparation.

At this point, I'd usually say something stupid like "now that I'm eating slightly better, let's see if I lose any weight." But now I know better, and changing from hyper-preserved chicken nuggets to a ½-inch thick pork chop isn't solving any problems, especially while I keep sucking down Twinkies and Chips Ahoys.

I do feel better, though, eating something that doesn't come pre-prepared. On the other hand, I'm annoyed at having to do the dishes more than once a week.

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