Games of Skill

March 13, 2003

Played darts with Hoy, Greg and Gene Tuesday night. After having not played for a year, I returned to my old skill level immediately, i.e. I was the worst person there. basically, I spent 15 bucks on Yeunglings and a burger, and got hosed in every game I played.

But I almost won a handful of quarters playing Bermuda, so it was all worth it :)

Y'see, that's the one thing keeping me in Pittsburgh right now (more on that later). The fact that every once in a while I can just go and hang out. But there are a ton and a half of other reasons for me to leave, too. Like I said, I'll get to that later.

Nothing clever here, I just went out, played darts, and did some drinking. It was fun. Considering I've been out of work for more than a year, you should be glad you got that much :)

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