Lousy Jobs

April 4, 2003

I was filling out the last of the paperwork for the contract (permission to do a background check) and was worrying just a little bit -- this place ain't going to wind up being another Brady, is it?

Then as I drove to the other side of Crafton for the drug test (I kinda figured they'd get to it eventually) I realized something: There might have been days when I was really hating my job, but it could never compare to the person who has to handle the urine sample after I'm done making it.

I mean, I know I didn't piss all over the thing, but that person doesn't. Sure, they wear rubber gloves to keep god-knows-what disease off their hands, but still.

And, secondly, they have to handle people's piss all day. Sealed container or no, sterile fluid or no, they're still dealing with piss all day.

I just hope they don't have lemonade in the cafeteria...

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