Spending Money Like I've Got It

April 24, 2003

Thought it was going to rain yesterday evening, so I skipped the rollerblading thing and headed for Monroeville to replenish the work-clothes supply. Most of the stuff I had dates to my first week at Brady more than three and a half years ago, and the clothes were showing their age: Collars on shirts didn't lay down right, seams were starting to fade from washings, a couple shirts had noticeable pit-stains, the bottom hems of my pants were starting to fray, and my shoes had developed a new feature I like to call "automatic puddle detection."

To make a long and boring story short and boring, I'm now $320 poorer. For my trouble I have new khakis, new shirts, new work shoes and new sneakers. And it's not the fact that I spent 320 dollars -- that's almost reasonable considering how much I bought -- it's that between sales and discounts it would have come out to $480 instead. And that's just frickin' ridiculous. I could've bought a new computer for that much, and a good one at that considering I wouldn't have needed a monitor.

Eh, that's about all I have on that; it's just rubbing me the wrong way. Or maybe that's the new work shoes trying to give me blisters.

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