May 13, 2003

So I dug through the paper Sunday to find myself an apartment. I see a one-bedroom in Squirrel Hill; $595 a month with the utilities included. Sounds good to me.

I call the guy, and I'm thinking this voice is familiar -- did I look at this apartment last year? Then he says, "it's on Loretta St." Couldn't help it, I started laughing -- it's my old landlord, renting out the apartment I had to vacate last year so he could remodel. And he bumped up the price $120. It's not exactly in Squirrel Hill -- it's about 3 blocks on the other side of Beechwood Blvd. -- but it wasn't a bad place. He wants to fill it immediately, though, and I wouldn't move in for more than two months.

And now I'm gonna have "It's a Small World After All" playing in my head the rest of the day.

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