May 20, 2003

While I was at AutoCAD training last week I got an e-mail from the one of the other engineers at work. It was about some files I'd copied to another directory for a project, so I could do testing on them.

Y'see, when I right-dragged the files to the new folder, I must've missed "Copy files" and landed on "Move files" instead. Meaning that when somebody went looking for them they couldn't find them. Oops.

She was able to solve the problem quickly, and then sent a "you dumbass"-type e-mail to me, saying not to do that. No problem, I didn't plan on doing that at all.

So I felt like a pretty big cluebag for a little while. Then I read about a baseball player named Trot Nixon and how he can't count to three. I may still be a dumbass, but I'm not the world's biggest dumbass.

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