"Closing Time..."

July 10, 2003

(June 25th)

"What a coincidence running into you on today of all days, seeing as how I just turned in my two weeks' notice. Just got out of the meeting with [former co-worker]."

Well, that's it. Everybody I used to hang out with at Brady is gone, or will be shortly. Which is good, really, I liked those people and didn't want them to stick around any longer than they needed to. I realized a while ago (and I think I might've mentioned it) that the guy who started the same day as I did is now something like the fourth-most senior person, going by time there. My former co-worker told me that after two and a half years or so, he was the most senior person in Web Development.

I kinda want to say more, but I'm waiting until 18 months after my last day. So if you come back at the end of August, you'll be able to see the last bit of bitter re: Brady. After that there shall be no more mention of my time in purgatory.

Oh, and if said former co-worker happens to be reading this, good luck at the new job.

Names left out because I have a feeling that some people would react badly to seeing this.

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