The Move

July 14, 2003

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14th, 8:22 AM: Posting everything since Friday night now; my DSL line isn't up yet.

13th, 9:00 PM: Almost all the way unpacked. I have to take the dorm-fridge (beer fridge) down to the storage locker and pick up my dishes from the old apartment tonight (the Wendy's people are gonna know me by name soon).

13th, 7:30 PM: Decided I wanted a Big Mac and drove to the Waterfront McDonald's, thinking it couldn't possibly be as slow as when I lived on Beechwood. I was right; it was even slower. Helpful hint: The second person in line shouldn't have to wait 5 minutes to get "fast" food.

13th, 1:00 PM Decide to take some of the larger boxes (like the TV and surround system) down to the storage locker. Get out of the apartment and engage in the following thought process: "Oops, I'm going to need my key to get into the storage room. Waitaminute, I don't have my... ah, fuck." Five minutes and 40 dollars later I was back in my apartment and very annoyed with myself.

13th, 1:00 AM: Note to self: Staying up till midnight playing board games isn't a bright thing to do after moving that morning. Must sleep.

12th, 1:00 PM: Whoops, left the computer in Rob's trunk. Guess I'll have to go down to Washington so I can drink beer and play cards pick it up.

12th, 12:00 PM: So much for being worried about getting the U-Haul truck back in time; we got it loaded and unloaded so quickly that I had it back an hour early. Now to unpack...

10th, 11:29 PM: Disconnecting. Let's see if Verizon can get my DSL line moved over when they said they could...

10th, 8:21 PM: Well, everything I can load myself is done. Took me about two hours, with a trip up to the Wendy's in the middle of it. If Rob and Adam can get here by 9:30 tomorrow I should be able to have the U-Haul truck back by 1:00, no problem. But next time, I'm hiring movers or going with Budget or Ryder. This have-it-back-by-one mess is just bullshit.

10th, 10:37 AM: Well, McKean Honda finally got around to getting the parts in for my window. Not really related to the move, except for the fact that my car's going to (in all likelihood) be getting rained into this weekend since the window's dropped about an inch since they jury-rigged it last time. And since this weekend's the move, it'll rain on the move. And I won't like that.

10th, 8:17 AM: Note to self: Don't forget to pick up the truck after work tonight.

9th, 10:35 PM: Well, everything's packed. Or, everything I feel like packing at least. All the important stuff's ready to go for tomorrow. After I load the truck I have to do a load of dishes, but there's no rush since I plan on eating fast food and delivery for most of the weekend. It's only 25 till 11, but sleep sounds like a very good idea.

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