"We Aim to Please, So Please Aim"

July 28, 2003

(I've been informed that some people here don't like toilet humor. People like that would be well-advised to skip this entry, since it has to do with going Number One.)

Someone here at work needs to do some serious work on his marksmanship, if you catch my drift. I'm getting tired of having to stand with my feet a yard apart just to avoid stepping in someone else's pee. I'm not talking about a few drops here -- in an office this size you're bound to get a few dribbles during the course of the day. This is major. The only time I ever came close to making that much of a mess was when I woke up at 4 in the morning, drunk off my ass, and thought I could still use the "sonar method." I was wrong.

I wonder what happens when these guys wash their cars or fill the gas tanks.

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