Time Wasters

August 18, 2003

Funny, you'd think that spending more than a third of my day at work I'd have fewer Web sites I waste my time on, not more.

How wrong you are.

Online comic Megatokyo (you'd better start at the beginning). One of the main characters is an obessive gamer who gets lost in his take on reality, the other has no clue whatsoever about women. They pick up and fly to Tokyo on a whim. Hilarity (usually) ensues.

Then there's Something Positive. On the upside, the main character here makes me look like King Tact. On the downside, he still gets more than I do. I will attribute this to the fact that it is made-up.

More online comics: Real Life and Mac Hall. They have their moments.

And the big time-killer, the Straight Dope Message Boards. General Questions is good for Straight Dope-like stuff; MPSIMS and The BBQ Pit are just fun reads. Sometimes.

Yep, I pretty much spend my entire day in front of the computer. I'd be annoyed over the loss of my social life, if I'd ever had one.

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