Blame the Fools Who Appointed Him

August 25, 2003

I hope I never get arrested in Montgomery, Alabama. Well, actually I hope I never have any reason at all to be in Alabama, but getting arrested and having to go before this Bible-beating 'tard would be even worse.

Look, if your existance is so sad that you have to have an imaginary friend to make your life worth living, be my guest. But the people who wrote up the Constitution at least had the good sense to realize that no good can come from mixing religion and politics.

But now this twit wants to force God down everyone's throats. Think any atheists (or Hindus, or even Jews or Muslims) would be at all confident of getting a fair trial from this nut-job?

Gah. I'm at work and don't have time to think this out all the way. If I get a chance I'll come back to it but right now I have things to do and I'm too stunned at this guy's actions to write the essay I should be writing.

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