Cell-Phone Aggravations

September 8, 2003

I was having a problem with my DSL connection and called Verizon for help on my cell phone (I only use the land line for the DSL and don't even have a phone attached to it). While the tech was helping me the damn connection dropped, as it usually does if I'm not pointing the antenna directly out the window. I'm just amazed that I made it for 20 minutes.

Turns out the help he gave me was correct (my router needed to be power-cycled) but I'm still Mightily Annoyed, since if it hadn't worked I'd be looking at another 19-minute hold.

So number-pooling or no, I'm going to get a Verizon phone as soon as I can. Fuck Sprint.

And now I'm really curious why my router was causing the problem but waiting until it hit Qwest's network to do so.

Random note: I said it last year, and I'm saying it already this year: The Browns need to fire their offensive coordinator.

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