Apparently I Like Being Broke

September 11, 2003

Whenever I feel like I've got too much space on my credit cards, I just go to the dentist. Today was supposed to be simple: A cleaning and some X-rays to make sure I don't have any more root canals in waiting.

But things are never that simple. Owing to the fact that I neglected going to the dentist for about six years, I need a planar-something-or-other cleaning. Basically, they're going to go in with the metal hook and take care of all the flossing I never bothered with. It's done in quadrants (top-left, etc.) and since this wasn't really scheduled they only had time for one today. I go in for the other three next week.

On the upside it doesn't really hurt even now that the topical's worn off, and this should forestall any need to go to the dentist again before my next cleaning, which I'm very sure will be happening well before 2009 -- like next spring. On the down side, I'm going to look funny with one quarter of a healthy mouth for the next few days. And since my teeth are something more like the color they're supposed to be, the stains that are inside my front teeth stand out even more than usual.

Let's see... six months from now, I should have a few hundred dollars available on each credit card... yep, I guess I'll look into getting that taken care of. Wouldn't want to have too little debt now, would I?

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