September 29, 2003

None of these really seemed to be worth its own entry.

· The Browns lost to the perennial loser Bengals on Sunday, falling to 1-3. Time for the annual "Wait Till Next Year" speech, I guess.

· How do the other people on the road know when you're trying to hurry home to take a leak? I got stuck behind at least 5 people who were going 5 MPH less than the speed limit, all while my bladder felt like it was going to explode.

· Yet Another Brady Coworker Sighting. At Whole Foods of all places, where I almost never go for food. At this rate I'll wind up randomly meeting up with all my former coworkers within a year.

· In Current Job News, things are still going well at Equitable.

· Actually managed to do some work on the client site this weekend; people could at least log in and change their prefs. If I felt like giving them accounts :)

· Day-um. Checked real quick to see if the Colts kept their lead against the Saints. I'd call 55-21 holding on.

· Just FYI. I'm tired and I'm going to bed now.

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