Watching My Electric Bill Skyrocket

October 10, 2003

I've got the client's server machine sitting in my living room next to my own POS. The client isn't exactly on the ball computer-wise, so I was just expecting a normal mid-tower or full-tower machine; but they went all out and got a nice-looking Dell. Five (apparently) hot-swappable drives, RAID, 1GHz P3 (not bad for being a couple years old), and two power supplies with fans that sound like Pratt & Whitneys and probably cycle all the air in my apartment every 20 minutes. I was half-expecting the lights to dim when I cranked that sucker up.

Right now I'm putting Windows 2000 Server on it; I may take a stab at Mandrake or Red Hat Linux once I make sure the Windows partition is working all right. On the one hand, installing Linux pretty much guarantees me some maintenance work; on the other installing Windows means I can just tell the client to run the updater once a week and not spend 20 minutes driving back and forth for 5 minutes of work.

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