The Great White Hunter

November 17, 2003

Turns out there were more residents in Htet Htet's apartment than I thought -- a mouse decided to make itself at home. After watching it run back and forth along the outside wall for a couple weeks, she finally decided to do something about it. We managed to corner it behind a shelf in the kitchen, then she flushed it out into the plant pot I was holding at the other end.

I was ready for a game of Mouse Hockey, but she got all life-is-sacred on me and wouldn't let me kill it. So I had to walk downstairs to the dumpster, covering the pot with a magazine so he couldn't escape, and release the disease-ridden vermin.

There he is, looking at us with his beady little eyes. Looks like he found out he was getting a reprieve.

Letting the little poop machine go. He actually didn't want to let go of the pot; the smug little bastard probably thought we were giving him a new house.

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