That's... Interesting

January 22, 2004

Well, apparently the stress of the primary season is having an effect on Howard Dean. Now I'll grant this is the National Review, and thus not unbiased by any stretch, but it's the only article I could find when I looked. (This is a little better: Here's an article on CNN about it, with a picture of Dean, and another from the Washington Post in which he explains his "explosive" concession speech. Apparently he wasn't unhinged like some thought, but he was definitely on the hyper side. Too much coffee before the flight to New Hampshire?) There's also a 13-second clip in MP3 format on the Drudge Report that seems a little odd with what little context it has. To anyone who's been following the lead-in to the primaries: Did Dean always sound like a pro wrestler?

(More link fun. There's this video on CSPAN's site -- look for "Howard Dean Reaction to Iowa Caucus Results"; it may be on the next page -- but Mozilla doesn't like it. Heard it runs about 20 minutes, though, so it's probably the whole speech. And here's the remix. Good, clean fun :) )

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