EHS 94

January 30, 2004

My ten-year high school reunion is coming up this summer. Aside from the quick dose of insta-old it provided ("damn, I graduated 10 years ago?") it's been interesting reading the updates people have been putting on the mailing list.

There are a couple doctors, at least one guy is self-employed (and not in my euphemtistic, "actually unemployed" way, he's making it work). There are a lot of people who are married and/or have kids, some more than one. That last bit is the one that gets me the most -- ignoring the fact that I'm single, there's no way in hell I could raise a kid. Me as a parent would be the stuff of sitcoms. Or CPS visits.

It's amazing, really. Back in '94 I was the guy voted Most Likely to Succeed by my classmates (all those "awards" go to one boy and one girl). And out of the people who've sent out mailings I have the least to show for the last 10 years in any regard. In a way it's frustrating. I know I've blown chances over the years, but now I have concrete proof of just how far I set myself back.

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