The Boob and the Tit He Uncovered

February 3, 2004

Well, how about that. I skip the Super Bowl halftime show, and this is what happens. Everybody's up in arms over it, too. The FCC is investigating, and CBS received about a bazillion calls right after it happened. Tivo says they had their biggest usage spike ever as people kept rewinding for another look: "What that Janet Jackson's boob?" *rewind* "It was! Hey, everybody, Janet Jackson's boob!" *rewind*

Was it a "wardrobe malfuction"? I doubt it. The leather piece was built to be removed; you can see the snaps in the close-up on Drudge Report. The red frilly thing was probably a bra during the rehersals, but my guess is that she switched it before the show -- it "ripped away" too cleanly and there's the matter of the pound of hardware she was wearing underneath. The nipple ring is fine, but I doubt anyone would go through the trouble of mounting that sunburst thing on it if it wasn't going to be shown.

Was Justin Timberlake in on it? Doubtful. I mean, just look at the guy. I'm surprised he can remember the lyrics he has to lip-sync, never mind taking part in a scheme to show the world some titty. The guy basically looks too dumb to lie.

So, why did she flash the world? My guess is that since her career's been non-existant for the last however-many years she wanted some publicity -- I hear she's got an album due out soon -- and decided she'd like to get people talking about her without her having to spend a dime. Well, it worked.

Doesn't mean the CD won't be crap, though.

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