I'm a Dumbass

February 10, 2004

Part of my job setting up the client's server was to buy new backup tapes for their tape drive. Since none of them knew what type of tape was required (you wouldn't believe how many different, incompatiable types their are, even by one manufacturer) I tried Dell's site.

The site, in a word, sucks. I could get a list of tapes, or a product page for the tape drive, but in neither place could I find out which tapes go with which drives. So I poked around online, and got the information I needed. Four days or so later, I have two backup tapes, and I'm ready to rock.

Except they were the wrong kind. You mean not everything on the Internet is true?

I call up Dell to arrange the return, and get an Indian guy with a passing familiarity with the English language. (This was a Saturday; I'm not surprised.) I get that taken care of and transfer over to sales, and I'm suddenly missing Indian Dude. This guy spoke English well enough, but I felt like I was saying everything twice. I know I mumble, but I can't be that bad.

Anyway, the correct tapes are now on their way. Since it was my foul-up I'm not asking the client to pay for the increased shipping costs (I had it sent second-day this time) or for the cost of the return shipping. I figure, again since it's completely my fault, that I'll eat any restocking fees too, but that shouldn't happen since all they need to do is re-shrink-wrap the things.

And I've set the delivery date back a week. Wonderful.

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