Don't trust movie recommendations from people you don't know

April 2, 2004

Well, maybe this one's my fault, really. I may be looking for a movie that's impossible to make. Anyway, on one of the Web forums I read regularly someone mentioned a Japanese slasher/horror flick that wasn't quite as over-the-top as American stuff. I checked Netflix, and there it was. Cool.

Then I finally got around to watching it last night. Ugh. Yeah, it wasn't over the top. In fact, it wasn't a horror movie at all, and aside from a couple scenes didn't count as a slasher movie, either. All in all, it was just lame. So I came into work today to check it out online, and guess what nearly every review has to say about it: It's boring.

Wish I'd thought to do that before I wasted 90 minutes waiting for it to get better.

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