Thinking Ahead

April 27, 2004

Got stuck behind a gimp-mobile turning from Neville onto Fifth today. When I pulled into the lane the guy had his four-ways on. No problem, think I, he's just picking up a senior citizen and will be on his way soon. Then the light changes. No big deal, I wasn't making that one anyway.

Then he gets out of the van/bus/thing and helps a woman in a motorized wheelchair into the vehicle. This takes another two lights, and the whole time I'm pulled up too close to the van-thing to go around without backing up first. I finally got around the guy on the fourth light, he was still sitting there.

Now look, before I start sounding like more of an asshole than usual: I'm cool with the gimp-mobile. If I'm ever confined to a wheelchair I'll even make use of one. And I know there's a lot that needs to be done to get a person in a wheelchair secured properly. No biggie.

But there's a four-lane driveway right where the van was stopped! The woman in the wheelchair rolled up the damn thing! If the twit driving had the basic sense to just pull off the frickin' road there would have been no traffic problems (well, beyond the usual, anyway) and I wouldn't have been late for work. But apparently the driver has all the common sense of a lima bean, so I crept in late. Not by much, mind you, but I still don't like being late for things.

And to prove what a nice guy I am, I didn't even lay on the horn as I (finally) passed the guy, even thought I really wanted to.

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