"Mutha fuckaaaaaaas!"

May 8, 2004

Well, I officially joined the Brotherhood of Pissed-Off Car Owners today. Was it the $428 of body work that did it? No, I've been wanting to take care of that for a long time. The $258 windshield replacement? Nope, that wasn't too big of a deal either. What then, inspired my membership? By what means was I initiated into the esteemed Brotherhood?

Some assfuck stole my stereo, that's fucking what.

The stereo I just bought in January to replace the broken one. Some shithead was wandering through my apartment's parking lot, and decided to help himself to it. The rest of the car is fine, sure, but he stole my fucking stereo. If I ever find the guy, he'll be lucky if all I use on him is a shovel. I'd probably opt for something that hurt a little bit more, like hydrofluoric acid. That'd teach the motherfucker a thing or two about taking shit that doesn't belong to him.

Hey, if you see a guy anywhere peddling a Kenwood dash unit, be sure to bash him one for me. Go ahead, you have my permission. Get a group involved; this is a great way to create community togetherness. Beating the shit out of some theiving punk. Makes you into one big happy family.

So now I get to call Crutchfield back up and buy a replacement, and go out to Best Buy and grab a new copy of my Bruce Springsteen CD. (To the thief: Hope you like Born in the USA. Dickhead.)

That's all for now. I'm gonna go grab a beer.

Update, May 10th: Grr. They don't sell the KDC-2022 any more; the cheapest one they have that'll talk to my changer is the KDC-2025, which costs $130. Throw in a new changer cable (they damaged the clip at the head unit's end yanking it out) and shipping and the tally comes out to $180. Now all I need is a clock tower...

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