Movies That Didn't Happen

May 18, 2004

There seem to be a lot of them. Just about everybody who's familiar with the Star Trek franchise knows that Paramount skipped straight from IV to VI with nothing in between. The Highlander series similarly jumped from the original to III, from what I hear, and I know a few people who are disappointed that Lucas never got around to making those Star Wars prequels he's been talking about for so long.

Well, I just caught The Matrix on TBS. Aside from a couple silly cuts and the fact that it wasn't being piped through my surround system, it's still a good movie. So I think I'm just going to decide that the Wachowskis never got around to making any follow-ups, and most assuredly didn't create a festering pile that made the "Neo == Jesus" metaphor even more blatantly obvious.

Ahh, revisionist history.

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