May 21, 2004

A pretty big storm apparently came through early this morning. I had to close the windows because I was getting misted -- my bed is about 6 feet from the window -- at 5:30 this morning, and I doubt it just started up then. There were a couple downed trees on the way to work, and I passed a cop speeding into the Hill (where I'm pretty sure power was out). And of course there was the bunch of idiots who don't understand that non-functional traffic light == four-way stop.

And I forgot to pack a lunch lat night, necessitating a trip to Subway this afternoon. D'oh.

Edit: In an effort to provide at least some content for today, I give you a somewhat pissed-off Bill Cosby. Nice to see one of the old greats enter crotchety-ol-man-dom with a bang instead of a whimper. Wish I could find a sound file of it.

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