Next Time Just Hold a Bake Sale

June 4, 2004

Looks like the state cops are getting a little creative in their efforts to nab speeders. Now I realize that they can enforce the laws pretty much however they want. What bugs me is that they're saying it'll make the road safer.


You want to make the road safer, park a cop in the median. Preferably, park two cops in the median, one facing each direction. Just by being there they'll cause people to start obeying the speed limit. Everybody who's driving will know they're there, everybody will slow down at least a little bit. Roads become nominally safer. Mission accomplished.

But hiding out in the woods with a radar gun is just to drive up revenue, pure and simple. They want people to speed, so they can hand out more tickets. Safety is only a secondary concern for them, raising funds is paramount. Otherwise they'd be out where everyone can see them.

Look guys, there are other ways to raise money other than playing laser tag with the populace. Do it on the up-and-up, and ask for a bigger budget. Cut the quasi-underhanded tactics, and can the "it's for your own good" nonsense.

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