Not-So-Quick Run Update

June 15, 2004

I didn't go Thursday because it was raining (I don't want to melt, after all) and didn't go Saturday because it was hot and muggy. I thought about bagging yesterday too, but I realized that if I skipped a whole week I was never going to run again. And since I'm not done losing weight that's not a good idea.

It kicked my ass; I couldn't even finish a mile before I hit a wall. I ran laps two and three like they were my fourth, and like I said I didn't make the fourth at all. I had my phone with me to get a crude time (it doesn't have a second hand) and as best as I can figure it took me 10-11 minutes to do those three laps. Extrapolating out gives me just under 15 minutes for a mile, which can be walked in 20.

I think I should go Thursday, regardless of weather. And I still haven't started those sit-ups I was talking about before. I'm guessing I may not be as thin as I want to be for the reunion, but I'll still be 35 pounds lighter than I was before.

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