! f0ug|-|7 d4 1a\/\/

June 18, 2004

... 4nd d4 14\/\/ \/\/0n

The sheriffs in Scotland are so very 1337.

Run Update, since you're probably tired of me wasting a full day's update on them.

I didn't show the run who was boss, but I at least let it know it wasn't gonna talk smack about me like that any more. Here are the times I got, from my not-having-a-second-hand cell phone:
18:13:?? Start
18:16:?? End Lap 1
18:19:?? End Lap 2
18:21:?? End Lap 3
18:24:?? End Lap 4
18:28:?? End Lap 5

So, assuming I started at 18:13:00 and finished lap four at 18:24:59 I ran a mile in twelve minutes. Assuming I would have finished a sixth lap at 18:32:??, that would give me a maximum time for a mile and a half of 20 minutes. Not bad for being completely out of shape.

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