I'm Gonna Be So Dead Next Week

July 13, 2004

I usually don't feel rested when I come back from a vacation in Akron. I'm not sure why; I get just as much sleep there as I do here. Well, I usually do, anyway.

This time though, I'll have an excuse for being dead-tired come Monday. I'll get to sleep in a little bit tomorrow since I'm just puttering around Pittsburgh and driving to Akron. But Thursday is the Cedar Point trip, and that's going to involve being on our way by about 7:00 in the morning. If we have to pick Dad up (it makes sense to take one car) that would involve leaving Mom and Jim's house at 6:30. Then there's the walking at Cedar Point and the drive back 12 hours+ later.

Friday I'll get a little of that rest back, but Saturday's the wedding and (more importantly) the reception. I can't let those Irish and German genes down, so I'll be partying as hardy as I can. That should give me a pretty good-sized hangover for Sunday and the drive back.

Yeah, I won't be too productive Monday. But this weekend should be hella fun anyway, as long as I stay conscious for all of it.

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