Never Too Early For Football

August 5, 2004

(Crap, it's Thursday already? Better write something.)

Well, training camp's started and you know what that means: pointless blathering about the Browns. I'm going to gloss over the draft pick who's holding out (though given the number of people who've just utterly failed in the NFL I wonder why a kid fresh out of college thinks he'll do just as well against the pros and deserves a metric shitload of money before he plays a down) and focus on Jeff Garcia.

For years in San Francisco, Garcia's been a good quarterback. Not quite championship caliber, but good for getting a team to the playoffs consistently. Now that he's in Cleveland, I think the question is: Is Garcia really as good as people think he is, or does his skill consist of playing behind a strong offensive line? I have this sinking feeling that I'm not going to like the answer.

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