"Does Not Compute"

August 30, 2004

Mom and Jim came into Pittsburgh over the weekend to go to a baseball game. The weekend went well; we also checked out Station Square (my sister worked there while she was getting her associate's degree) and went out to eat. The Pirates lost, as they always do when Mom and Jim visit, but the game was mostly fun.

I noticed something though. It seems like my brain has compartmentalized people a bit: It was odd having Mom and Jim in my apartment, instead of seeing them at their house. Almost like part of my brain's saying, "wait, they don't belong here." I suppose I'd have the same problem seeing my Pittsburgh friends tooling around Akron.

I wonder why, though, and how general or specific it is. After all, I don't think anything is too odd when Dad and Becky come in for a game, but they've never been in my of my apartment -- we watch the game, have chili dogs in Cranberry, and they leave. Hm. Maybe it's just odd seeing authority figures in my domain? Or maybe I'm just fucked in the head. That's always a possibility.

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