Pointless Bitching

September 13, 2004

(I'll try to have a worthwhile post tomorrow. But for now...)

A few blocks from my apartment is a Japanese store. They sell Pocky there, which is a good snack food that isn't quite as unhealthy as a candy bar. They also sell gummies, which are fruit-flavored gummy-candies. Like gummy bears, except that they taste good.

Down in the strip district is a Chinese store, and it also sells those things -- apparently they use the definition of Chinese that means "China, Southeast Asia, the Koreas and Japan". Their prices are also slightly lower, but they're a good three miles away.

The Japanese store has a good Pocky selection, but not a lot of gummies. Since I was going to be out and about anyway I decided to try the Chinese store instead. I get there, plenty of gummies.

But a lousy selection of Pocky. D'oh.

So, yeah. Them damn ferriners are making it hard for me to snack. Bastards.

(Hey, if you stuck around to read that, I did warn you.)

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