I Should Know Better

September 30, 2004

Not 10 hours after I wrote about how my car was in decent shape, the son of a bitch decided it'd be fun to blow the radiator. After limping it over to the garage (watching the temperature gauge like a hawk) one of their guys brought out some water to test it. Just as he was telling me to start my car, the radiator filled up to the point where it had blown out.

This was no mere pinhole; there was a hole at least an eigth of an inch big in the thing. There's no amount of patching that can be done. And given how severe the blowout was, they're worried that the coolant fan may have failed, which would have made the pressure build up to the point that the radiator failed.

So, basically, as soon as I praised the thing it tried to make me want to sell it. Maybe it's getting tired of Pittsburgh too.

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