New Web Toy

October 11, 2004

Recently Firefox picked up on Safari's ability to subscribe to an XML feed (RSS or Atom) directly with the browser instead of using a reader. Both browsers currently make the mistake of using a button that says "RSS". (Atom was created to get around RSS's problems with backwards-compatibility; calling Atom "RSS" is like calling GIFs "PNG" because they're also portable network graphics.)

So now I've been going around subscribing to feeds using Firefox's "Live Bookmarks" feature (I don't know what Safari calls it). It's pretty neat; I may have to create an Atom feed for this site now. After all, I need to know when I update.

Edit, an hour later: Well, that was easy.

Edit, 6PM Monday: Apparently, this feature won't make it into Safari until Tiger (OSX 10.4) is released. No word when that'll happen.

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