October 22, 2004

Yesterday my connection at work dropped. Couldn't get online, couldn't access the network, couldn't even run a ping. Then it hit the other people nearby. Turned out later it was a problem with either WINS or DHCP. But not knowing that, I rebooted my machine.

That was a bad idea. At some point my hard drive started to rot, and one of my system files is missing or corrupted. The help desk is trying to repair the install well enough to ghost it, and I'm on a temporary machine. This machine is fine, except I forgot to back up one of my projects (dumb) and it doesn't have Source Safe so I can't check anything in or out. Which is really only a problem if someone wants to access the file I was working on when my connection dropped, because VSS will probably get bitchy over the fact that it thinks I'm still working on the file.

So... looks like I'm spending a lot of time online today.

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