Fun with Political Quizzes

November 1, 2004

Took a quiz to see who my ideal candidate for president would be. Got some interesting results:

  1. Michael Badnarik - Libertarian (61%)
  2. Gov. Howard Dean, VT - Democrat (56%)
  3. Sen. John Kerry, MA - Democrat (54%)
  4. Sen. John Edwards, NC - Democrat (53%)
  5. Rev. Al Sharpton - Democrat (50%)
  6. David Cobb - Green Party (49%)
  7. Ralph Nader - Independent (49%)
  8. Rep. Dick Gephardt, MO - Democrat (48%)
  9. Ret. Gen. Wesley K. Clark, AR - Democrat (48%)
  10. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, OH - Democrat (44%)
  11. President George W. Bush - Republican (43%)
  12. Sen. Joe Lieberman, CT - Democrat (41%)
  13. Michael Peroutka - Constitution Party (40%)
  14. Former Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun, IL - Democrat (39%)
  15. Walt Brown - Socialist Party (37%)
  16. Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. - Democrat (30%)

Aside from the fact that a couple of the candidates don't warrant their own sheets, I find the ordering a bit odd.

I have no doubt in my mind that I'd favor some Democrats over Bush. I'm not even terribly surprised that Dean was at the top of the list, though I've heard he isn't all that great of a governor. What gets me is that Al Sharpton is so high on the list. I'm pretty sure that if I sat down for lunch with Sharpton I wouldn't even agree on my portion of the check.

Update, Sunday evening: Well, the Pack won Sunday afternoon, so it looks like it'll be Kerry getting elected tomorrow.

Note, Monday 8:38 AM: Hm. Forgot something in the redesign. These text boxes are tiny.

Edit, Monday 6:30 PM: Got those CSS fixes done. Much easier to type when you can see more than a dozen characters at a time.

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