Three Hours of My Life I Won't Get Back

November 15, 2004

Drove to Cleveland Saturday afternoon for a little bit of partying before the Steelers game on Sunday. Grabbed dinner and a few beers at the Gridiron Grille then headed over to Panini's on West 6th for a few more beers and... another dinner. (Yeah, there's a reason I'm a fatass.)

Sunday morning was good too; I woke up early(-ish) and headed down to the tailgate a little before 10:00 and knocked back a few Budweisers before making my way to the stadium. A few nitwits didn't grasp the fact that heavy coats and large containers will be searched (is al-Qaida a bunch of Steelers fans?) so it took a while to get through the gate, but I got to my seat in time for the game to start.

And what a start it was: The opening kickoff was run back to the Steelers' 15-yard line, setting up an easy score. Except, this is the Browns, and no touchdown comes easy. A quick three-and-out later (why are you running around end against Pittsburgh?) they kicked a field goal for their only three points. I don't think they got back to the red zone before the end of the game, and I'm pretty sure they never strung more than two first downs together at all.

In other words, your average high-school team would've been embarassed to turn in that kind of performance. But that's what happens when you've got the Browns' coaching staff.

So yeah, lots of fun in Cleveland. Except for the actual game.

Edit: Forgot about the TD the Steelers gave up after Holcombe came in late in the fourth. See? Even the Steelers can get scored on when they play the Prevent. Anyway, the game wasn't even as close as 24-10 would imply.

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