God Does Not Want Me To Own a Car

November 22, 2004

I was parked on the street not too long ago, and came out to my car to see a piece of paper stuck to my windshield by the rain. I was kind of pissed off for a second, until I remembered that I wouldn't get a ticket for parking there. I would've rather had the ticket.

'Call [name removed]. 814-[removed]. Hit your light. Please call. We'll take care of matters.'
Well, at least this one isn't possibly my fault; I wasn't even there!

There's the damage. Took my front left turn signal clean off.

I circled the little clip that helps hold the signal to the body of the car. It looks like it snapped when the signal came off.

Nice little scuff-mark on the bumper. Good thing it's made of plastic.

A better look at the clip, or what's left of it.

The connecter for the light itself. Looks like that plastic got broken too. Hopefully that's just a matter of splicing on a new one.

A better look at the connecter. The streak down the side of the car is just a reflection of the wire. You can also see where the bumper's a little deformed.

Well, this is an annoyance, to be sure. But the guy who got me (he was parking in the next space up and thought he had more clearance than he did) is being stand-up about it, so it's not nearly as bad as it could be. I'm going to see if this is within Walters's capabilities, since I've decided they can be trusted. After all, this guy could've just hauled ass out of there, so I don't want to soak him.

At least the headlight still works, so it's safe to drive at night. When I signal a left turn, though, the "clicker" spazzes out to let me know there's something wrong. Thanks, but I'm well-aware of that.

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