Geeky Gifts

December 9, 2004

With a Think Geek gift certificate to spend from my birthday, I finally got around to grabbing my presents:

A clock with a CD for a face, with numbers written in 8-bit binary.
Behold the wonders of base-2 on a blank CD-ROM. Note that it's still reflective -- you can see my camera-phone mirrored in it.

A 'Christmas tree' powered through my USB port.
This guy changes colors every few seconds. I'm going to try to get some better pictures to use of it; the CCD refused to believe its "eyes" and color-corrected the images. The green LED got chenged to a bluish color and my apartment looked red. I haven't managed to get better images -- maybe I need to turn out the room lights when I take them -- so in the meantime check the image at Think Geek instead.

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